Interlude GvE 2.0 - Start on November 27th!

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17 Авг 2019
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Evilax Interlude GvE - New Season
27th November 2020, 20:00 (GMT+3)

OBT: ?? November 2020, 18:00 (GMT+3)
Files will be available closer to the OBT
Main Updates

Server changes
Firstly, the algorithm for interaction of resists and debuffs has been reworked, so now we have a stable opportunity to work with the chances of skills.
Secondly, for realities of the GvE conception, we made a complete rebalancing of classes for debuffs. Now Epic Jewelry, which gives resistance to various debuffs, radically changes the chance of passing them. Nevertheless, despite the adjustments, we remain within the Interlude chronicles!

A regular player unfamiliar with the concept of GvE, can ask a question: "Why is all this needed?"
- It's simple: for variety of playable classes, PvP dynamics, and at the same time for interesting game, both in solo and in a clan. After all, the classic "interlude" chances, stats, cooldown, etc. are not suitable for the GvE conception.

A few facts for those who are for the first time (+ note info to oldies) on GvE ...
  • Changed the characteristics of rarely used sets.
  • For some weapons, SA were replaced with more relevant ones.
  • All DoT's have static damage depending on the skill level. Only for the profession Warcryer, the damage from the main DoT's skills depends on its own M.Atk
  • For Bladedancer and Swordsinger was added the "Jump" skill, and also reworked some skills to make these classes more relevant.
  • Ring of Core - increases critical damage from elemental attacks, so this ring has become relevant for Mystic Muse, Archmage, Storm Screamer.
Over the past season, thanks to many players, we received lots of feedback on the bugs were found, as well as suggestions for improving existing content.
Optimizations and fixes:
  • Fixed the drop from Epic Boss Orfen.
  • Fixed a bug due to which some debuffs, when applied to a target, could be reapplied before the expiration of their duration from the previous application.
  • Players, which are inside the fort, when the location changes, will no longer move to the outpost.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct calculation of the chance of passing some skills with the debuff effect, taking into account the resists.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the assist was not credited to the character's statistics, provided that the assistant and the killer were in the same party.
  • Fixed a bug due to which HWID data "was reset" from players in offline trade.
  • Fixed a bug in the system whereby it was possible to bypass the "root" effect when teleporting into event zones.
  • Fixed a bug in the system, whereby at the "Epic Boss Battle" event, the group was broken when leaving the event.
  • Fixed a bug in the system that allowed players walking on foot inside the "Novice Zone" bypassing its restrictions.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the using of the faction portal and the resurrection scroll was 100% cast canceled.
  • Improved the checking of restrictive conditions when trying to teleport to the "Novice Zone".
  • Added "yes / no" confirmation window when changing the faction.
  • Additional restrictions have been established when going outside the zone during the Mini-Battles event (from the "abusing" of the system).

Changes for the "Castle Siege" event:
  • Implemented a different resurrection time for the attacking and defending sides. From now on, the respawn time of the defending side is much longer than of the attacking side.
  • Removed the peaceful zone from the attacking side.
  • Fixed the miscalculation of geodata for the capture skill "Seal of Ruler". Cannot be cast through walls anymore.
  • The event schedule has been changed. (we'll post the new schedule a little later)
  • Reward has been changed.

  • A system of items with a daily limit has been implemented. You can view the current indicators through the .limit command (the limit is updated / reset at 05:00 Moscow time).
  • Fixed an issue with unprofitable restoration of exclusive top A-grade weapons.
  • Changed the prices in shops for Adena.
  • Increased drop chance in farm locations.
  • Changed the formation of the "price tag" in the title of the character.

  • The timing of the Grand Olympiad has been changed.
    • Weekdays XX (we'll post the new schedule a little bit later)
    • Weekends XX (we'll post the new schedule a little bit later)
  • The change is planned in the distribution of class groups for the Grand Olympiad.

Client changes
We had to update, or rather make "from scratch" the interface and other components of the client.
"Why did we do this?" - Ok, let's talk about it...
So, we faced, at first glance, not a difficult task. It was necessary to fix an issue that caused the window to freeze when teleporting from a TvT event. However, there were some "surprises" here ...

In the process of finding out what was the matter, we first sinned on the server, since the window was hanging regardless of the player's PC configuration. But, after several sleepless nights and close observation of the logs, @Morris has still able to grasp the essence of the problem. And here the fun begins! It turns out that this is a Korean bug and is more global than we previously thought. Unfortunately, the capabilities of the old patch did not allow to fix this problem in full. After some discussion, we decided to make a patch "from scratch". Since there was a long and painstaking work ahead, we decided not to limit ourselves to just one fix.

We changed the visual style of the interface to a more modern one, but without fanaticism in this matter. We have added many different new features for a more comfortable game. A number of new mechanics have been laid down that will allow us to add unique content in the future.

It is worth to accept the fact that no matter how hard we try, it still needs online testing and subsequent refinement. So, we did not greatly expand the content tied to the client. To begin with, let's see how it will recommend itself among the players, fix what needs to be fixed, and only then we will exploit it "in full".

Other changes

New Website

We updated the design of the website, as well as adapted it for tablets and smartphones, which will have a positive effect in advertising purposes. The old site, although it had some uniqueness from the design side, but in terms of information content and "usability" was :poop:. The Personal Area has also been updated.

Important! All accounts, along with the balance, have been successfully transferred to the new Personal Area.

Security Update
SmartGuard has been updated to the most current version in the maximum configuration. This will undoubtedly improve the situation with catching bots and substituting hwid data by cunning players when blocking. In any case, nobody canceled the Bot-Hunters. By the way, we ban the bots by HWID without the right to amnesty!

The topic can be updated over time.
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