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General Information

  • Chronicles:: Interlude
  • Concept: GvE
  • Main way of progress: PvP
  • Starting Level: 61
  • Sub-Class: Available after choosing the 2nd class
  • Buff Duration: 2 hours
  • Buff Slots: Unlimited
  • Main Currency: Adena

Faction - after character creation, the player must choose which of two factions to join. From the moment the choice was made, all players from this faction become allies for him in the fight against the opposite side. It is worth knowing that it is impossible to harm allies (except in rare cases). There is also a restriction on inviting characters from an enemy faction to a group, clan or alliance.

Title Indicator - all characters have a progress indicator in their title. Various factors affect the growth of its value, but it mainly depends on the items equipped and the level of their enchanting. For characters from the enemy faction, it also means the amount of adena that can be obtained for killing them.

Assist System - for help in killing an enemy character, 40% of the reward indicated in his title is credited, or 60% if a last hit was struck.

Battle Areas

Active Territories - not all territories in the game world are active, but only those in which objects significant for the players were located. Such as monsters, outposts, villages or fortresses. In such places, battles between factions are concentrated. Active locations change every 60 minutes.

Outposts - guarded structures with outpost flag that can be teleported to or respawned near them. An enemy outpost cannot be captured, but can be temporarily destroyed. The recovery time of the outpost is 15 minutes.

Villages - heavily sguarded tructures that attackers will receive a reward for capturing them. The amount of reward depends on the duration of the holding of the village by the enemy faction. Players from the faction that controls the village will be able to move to it, and if a character dies in the vicinity of the village, he will be able to respawned in it. Typically, villages are located in areas between faction outposts.

Fortresses - they have a lot in common with the village, they are also captureable structures with growing rewards for capturing. A clan from the faction that controls the fortress can become its owner. As long as a clan owns a fortress, clan reputation points are awarded to it.
NPC in the fortress::
  • Dianne (Fortress Auctioneer) - Dianne (Fortress Auctioneer) - holds an auction, after which the clan that made the highest bid becomes the owner of the fortress.
  • Dementra (Fortress Manager) - provides services for the defense of the fortress for the clan that owns it. These services include restoring the gate, guarding and installing a temporary "seal" from attacks by the enemy faction.
o start capturing the fort, you need to destroy all the "Control Crystal" in it. After their destruction, the "Nephilim Commander" will appear on the roof of the central building, which must be killed. After the commander was killed, the "Conqueror's Altar" will appear in the room of the central building, which requires the use of the "Seal of Ruler" skill to complete the capture.
  • Until the "Control Crystal" is not destroyed, players from the faction that owns the fortress will respawn without delay.
  • The leader of the clan that owns the fortress receives a special title color.
  • Members of the clan that owns the fortress will respawn without delay, even if the "Control Crystal" is destroyed.


Epic Boss Battle - everyone can participate in this event without restrictions. At the beginning of the event, all participants from both factions are transferred to a temporary location to fight for control of the NPC "Epic Gatekeeper", through which you can make a teleport to the lair to the Epic Boss.
Event time: Tues, Fri, Sun at 21:00 (GMT +3).

NPC Epic Gatekeeper:
  • Teleport to Epic Boss's lair is available only for the controlling NPC "Epic Gatekeeper" faction.
  • To capture and re-capture the NPC "Epic Gatekeeper", you must use the "Seal of Ruler" skill.
  • NPC "Epic Gatekeeper" will disappear 30 minutes after the start of the event. At the same time, the temporary location will be closed, and players who did not have time to get into the lair of Epic Boss will be transferred to the city.
Epic Boss:
  • Will spawn in 5 minutes after the start of the event.
  • Determines the player who caused the most damage to him. (Damage is not reset when the game client disconnects or crashes).
  • Determines the winning faction, which is the only one left in the lair of the Epic Boss.
  • Recording the damage of factions to determine the winner, if both factions are in the lair and Epic Boss was killed.
  • Portals which installed in a temporary location are used only for resurrection on them.
  • After the closure of the temporary location, you can get to the lair of the Epic Boss only through the NPC "Heart of Warding" in the town, if there is a faction or clan portal inside the lair.
  • If the winning faction has been determined to be the only survivor in the Epic Boss's lair, all players from the winning faction will be able to enter the lair through the NPC "Heart of Warding", regardless of the presence of faction portals in the lair.
  • The reward given to the winning faction:
    • PC Points x300
    • Adena x350
  • The reward given to the player for the maximum damage to the Epic Boss:
    • Epic Stone x1
    • Epic Boss Chest x1
      • When you open the box, you will receive one of the listed items:

Castle Siege - some of the basic rules for this event have been changed. Now the siege is started everyday, Any interested player can register, regardless of whether he is a member of a clan or not.. To do this, you need to register with the NPC "Siege Teleporter", which will appear shortly before the start of the castle siege. After registration ends, all participants from the two factions will be moved to the siege territory. One faction will act as the besiegers of the castle, while the other will act as the defenders of it. These roles alternate with each subsequent siege. The faction that owns the castle at the end of the siege is considered the winner.

To capture the castle, it is enough to use the "Seal of Ruler" skill on the "Holy Artifact", which is located in its classic place in the room behind the throne room.
  • The event starts at 19:55 on weekdays, 14:35/19:55 weekends (GMT + 3).
  • If a character in a clan captures a castle, his clan will be credited with clan reputation.
  • The requirements for summoning siege creatures have been removed.

Grand Olympiad - The format of fighting at the Grand Olympiad. All professions are divided into class groups, in which the selection of the opponent will be according to the class group.
  • Eva's Templar
  • Phoenix Knight
  • Titan
  • Duelist
  • Grand Khavatari
  • Hierophant
  • Dominator
  • Archmage
  • Soultaker
  • Mystic Muse
  • Storm Screamer
  • Adventurer
  • Wind Rider
  • Ghost Hunter
  • Arcana Lord
  • Elemental Master
  • Spectral Master
  • Sagittarius
  • Moonlight Sentinel
  • Ghost Sentinel
  • Dreadnought
  • Maestro
  • Fortune Seeker
  • Sword Muse
  • Spectral Dancer
  • Doomcryer
  • Hell Knight
  • Shillien Templar
  • Cardinal
  • Eva's Saint
  • Shillien Saint
Skills that do not reset cooldown when a character teleports to the Grand Olympiad Arena:
  • Item Skill: Blessed Orfen's Earring
  • Item Skill: Celestial Shield
All hero weapons are now equivalent to S-grade weapons at +8. Example:

The standard requirements were removed, now only the 3rd profession is needed to participate, you can also participate in sub-classes. New scoring system: +1 for a victory and does not remove anything if it is lost.

  • The Olympiad cycle starts on Monday and lasts 7 days.
  • The event starts at 19:15 on weekdays, 13:55/19:15 weekends (GMT + 3).
  • There is a limit on the number of battles fought by a character during the Olympiad cycle. The game has the command "/olympiadstat".

Special Items

Blessed Epic Jewelry:

Description: The main stats are higher than those of regular epic jewelry.
In addition to improved characteristics, "Blessed Earring of Orfen" has an Active Ability: Fully recovers HP / MP.

Blessed Scroll: Enchant Epic Jewelry

Description: You can enchant Regular and Blessed Epic Jewelry only with these enchant scrolls. In case of unsuccessful enchanting of Epic Jewelry, the enchant value is reset to +3.


Description: Some skills can be learned by double-clicking on the spellbook. You can buy spellbooks for adena from NPC "Lara (Consumables Trader)". All books can be learned from level 70.

Artifact of Destruction

Description: Gives the owner additional characteristics and effects. From level 3, they have a visual effect. You can purchase and upgrade from NPC "Mirabel (Evilax Shop)".

Stable Scroll: Enchant Artifact of Destruction
Description: Required to enchant the Artifact lvl 4.


Description: This is primarily an opportunity to complement the visual style of the character, in addition to increasing the max. CP / HP. You can purchase and exchange from the NPC "Mirabel (Evilax Shop)".


Description: This is part of the ammunition that can be put on and at the same time get a small increase to one of the character's parameters. In total, there are 9 types of tattoos that increase certain parameters; each of them can be upgraded to level 5. You can buy and upgrade the tattoo in the ammunition store from the NPC "Casey (Armor Trader)".

Faction Portal
Description: Used to summon a portal through which allies can come to the rescue in battles. In case the character was killed within the radius of the portal, the opportunity will be offered to respawned near it.

Noblesse Letter

Description: After using this item, the character will receive the status of a Noblesse. Since the buff does not disappear after the death of the character, the skill "Noblesse Blessing" has been changed, and now it adds 8% to damage during PvP. The item can be purchased from the NPC "Harold Bruce (PC Point Shop)" when the 2nd level of the store is reached or from "Estella (Hunter Shop)" for GB Coin's.

Stable Enchant Scroll

Description: In case of unsuccessful enchanting, the item retains the degree of its enchantment. Has C-S Grade and armor / weapon type.

Blessed Scroll: Enchant Hair Accessory

Description: Used for enchanting accessories.
Added the ability to enchant accessories..
  • Requires any accessory and "Scroll: Enchant Accessories".
  • There are no safe enchanting, the highest level of enchanted accessories is +10. If enchanting is unsuccessful, the accessory does not break.
  • When an accessory is enchanted by +6, a + 10% bonus to adena with pvp appears. (stacked with PA bonus)
  • When an accessory is enchanted by +8, a -8% bonus to damage received in PvP appears.
  • When an accessory is enchanted by +10, the active skill "Celestial Shield" appears and the ability to summon agathion appears too.

Additional Information

  • The maximum number of players in a party is 7.
  • The maximum number of bishops in a party is 2.
  • Safe enchant +3, maximum +16.
  • If enchanting by Blessed Scroll was unsuccessful, the enchant level of the item is reset to +4.
  • Auto-events "TvT" and "Mini Battle's" are held throughout the day.
  • Character title color changes depending on the amount of PvP.
  • Attacking skills from Life Stones has no cooldown.
  • The maximum number of sub-classes is 30.
  • The required level of existing sub-classes to take a new one is 70.
  • .cfg - Shows a window with all user settings.
  • In the enemy town, the using of "Mana Potion" and "Faction Portal" is prohibited.
  • All clan / alliance penalties are missing.
  • Removed all clan guilds except the academy.
  • The clan academy can accept players from 61 to 79 levels.

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